Tropical Walk in the Greenhouses of Paris

Tropical Walk in the Greenhouses of Paris

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In the bustling French capital, it is sometimes easy to forget the tranquil havens hidden throughout the city. For those seeking a tropical getaway, the Hotel Des Mines invites you to discover the greenhouses of Paris for an incomparable exotic experience.

Botanical Escape: The Greenhouses of the Luxembourg Gardens

Located near the Hotel Des Mines, the Greenhouses of the Luxembourg Gardens offer a lush and peaceful retreat. The greenhouses house a multitude of exotic plants, creating a harmonious balance between nature and architecture. Visitors can wander among majestic palms, colorful orchids, and lush tropical plants, discovering the botanical diversity from around the world.

An Exotic Journey: The Grand Greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes

Imposing and majestic, the Grand Greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes host an impressive collection of plants from the four corners of the world. Within this plant sanctuary, the educational section amazes visitors with its orientation table tracing the evolution of plants through the ages. This educational immersion in the plant world adds an enriching dimension to the greenhouse visit, offering visitors an in-depth understanding of biodiversity and the magic of nature.

The Auteuil Greenhouses and Their 19th Century Heritage

The Auteuil Greenhouses, elegant witnesses to 19th-century gardens, captivate visitors with their timeless charm. Set within the splendid Bois de Boulogne, these greenhouses house a breathtaking botanical diversity surrounded by elegant fountains. The Auteuil Greenhouses are much more than just a green space; they embody the history and timeless beauty of Paris, inviting everyone to a captivating botanical adventure.

Whether for a contemplative stroll, a photography session, or simply to recharge, the Greenhouses of Paris offer a soothing and refreshing experience during your stay at the Hotel Des Mines.


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