Our eco-responsible commitment

Hotel des Mines - Valeurs


At the Hôtel des Mines, we have always been passionate about offering kindness and a sense of well-being to our guests. We place satisfying our guests' needs and providing a high quality of service foremost among our priorities.

Aware of the social and societal impact of our activities and their effect on the environment, we want to act sustainably and contribute to an ethos that puts the Human and the Living at the heart of solutions for creating a better world, in accordance with our values:

Environmental ethics

With this in mind, we are evolving our practices so that we can offer our guests and employees a healthier living environment, while being respectful of nature and helping to better preserve our planet for future generations.


Ecological management and responsible purchasing: a virtuous circle

We choose suppliers who have the same vision that we do. They help us to select quality products that respect the environment.

By favouring short supply chains, we offer you the artisan savoir-faire of local merchants and local products from regional producers certified BIO or AOP.

These collaborations allow us to develop an entire ecosystem entirely dedicated to an ever more pleasant and sustainable customer experience.

L’arbre bleu
, seasonal flowers, local production, zero single-use plastic, delivery by electric vehicle

Boulangerie du Val-de-Grâce,
local artisan bakery

Selectibox, waste sorting, innovation,
Made in France

IDE Green, eco-labelled cleaning products

Vapodil, dry steam, zero waste, water and energy saving, well-being at work

, soap recycling, circular economy, solidarity action, jobs for people with disabilities

Hotel des Mines - Valeurs


The climate emergency has pushed us to rethink how the hotel works:
new, more efficient equipment, eco-responsible products, team training, adoption of eco-gestures...
This in-depth approach is now a habit which we hope will inspire our guests,
because we are convinced that everyone has a role to play.

Your stay is prepared with the greatest care, in compliance with our environmental charter.
Alongside us, you, too, can become an agent of change!

Our team is at your service, so please do not hesitate to contact them.


Heating and air conditioning

We reduce our energy needs by harmonising the temperatures in the rooms and in the common areas.

For your comfort, you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

When leaving your room, a simple gesture is enough:
simply turn off the lights and the heating/air conditioning system.


Water conservation

By reusing your towels, you help us to preserve water resources and reduce our energy consumption.

Bed linen is changed every three days.

You can help us do even better by informing the receptionist that you would prefer to keep the same set of bed linen for the duration of your stay.


Waste: sorting and recycling

We sort all waste and reduce single-use plastics usage.

In the room, a selective sorting bin is at your disposal:
by complying with the instructions, you will facilitate the sorting and recovery of waste.
Glass bottles are recorded and collected by staff.


Sustainable mobility

At the Hôtel des Mines, you will be staying in an establishment very well served by public transport , allowing you to reach the major tourist attractions in the centre of Paris quickly and easily and get to national transport hubs (Gare Montparnasse), and international transport hubs using the RER B (airports and Gare du Nord).

Electric scooters for exploring the district are available at reception.

Cycling enthusiasts will find a Vélib-Ville de Paris bicycle sharing station in the immediate vicinity: Saint-Michel Luxembourg station