Go on a treasure hunt and discover Paris

Go on a treasure hunt and discover Paris

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Whether you know Paris like the back of your hand or will be exploring it for the first time during your stay at the Hôtel des Mines, the City of Light has many wonderful surprises in store for you. To learn its secrets and fascinating facts about its streets and buildings and the events that have happened there, there’s nothing quite like tackling the challenges of a treasure hunt...


As a couple, with the family, for team building, or with friends

ClueZ offers you an amazing adventure and a fun way of learning about Paris. Armed with only a digital tablet provided by ClueZ, you solve mysteries and puzzles that lead you through the main districts of Paris. You can form teams of two to seven people and have a competition between several teams. Some events are designed specifically for children. All you have to do is walk the streets of the capital to unearth the clues that will allow you to complete your quest and your investigation!


Several options to choose from

By taking up the ClueZ challenge, you can discover several districts of Paris. Around the Hotel des Mines, for example, you can opt for The Alchemists. This treasure hunt will take you to the most secret corners of the Latin Quarter while also showing you its most famous places. Or, you can explore the Marais or the covered passages. The whole game will take you through some 2.5 km of the capital in 1h30 to 2h. You will find all the information on the ClueZ website and, while you’re there, book your treasure hunt for your next visit.


As a change from cultural outings and shopping in Paris, try the ClueZ digital treasure hunt game during your stay at the Hotel des Mines. The Latin Quarter, among other districts, will reveal all its secrets to you.    


More informations about ClueZ here

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