A hotel near the Jardin du Luxembourg

A hotel near the Jardin du Luxembourg

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Just a short and pleasant stroll from the Hotel des Mines, you’ll find the exquisite 23-hectare expanse of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Created by royal command of Marie de Medici in 1612, this public green space is now a delight for Parisians and visitors alike. You can roam paths lined with chestnut trees, enjoy a picnic or take a nap.


Typical French charm

Even the most jaded of travellers find the Jardin du Luxembourg a simply irresistible delight. It’s a pleasure to wander at random along paths winding between extensive lawns dotted with flowerbeds where multicoloured blossoms nod, past statues and monuments to illustrious people of days gone by created by great sculptors. When you’re ready for a rest, just make yourself comfortable in one of the park’s iconic green chairs and watch the world go by.


Multiple attractions

Those nostalgic for the gentle pleasures of the past will be delighted to discover the park’s large pond on which children - and adults, too - sail their wooden boats. Lovers stroll beneath the spreading branches of the large chestnut trees to which the colours of autumn add a further touch of romance. As for the little ones, a beautiful wooden carousel, swings and slides, as well as a puppet show, await them. Then there’s the delicious waffles whose irresistible aroma will tempt you towards one of the park’s various vendors of delicious delights.


But also

You can spread a blanket on one of the lawns for a picnic. The elegant cast iron bandstands host concerts for your musical pleasure. The park has beehives, so you can get some fresh honey and even learn about beekeeping on certain days. The wonderful old greenhouses are filled to bursting with exquisite orchids. Tennis lessons, chess games, exhibitions, an orchard where ancient and little-known apple varieties are grown. It all awaits your discovery!



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