Indian summer in the 5th arrondissement

Indian summer in the 5th arrondissement

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The Hotel des Mines invites you to enjoy the sweetness of the Parisian late season. Whether you prefer a stroll in the Jardin du Luxembourg adorned with its autumnal colours or a shopping spree on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, discover all that the district has to offer.


There is always something going on in the 5th arrondissement

Let's start with a festival that is particularly close to our hearts: the Lutéciennes. This small but hugely popular festival, adored by the inhabitants of the district, is held in the privileged setting of the Arènes de Lutèce, a preserved Roman amphitheatre. There, you can attend outdoor screenings of films for all ages in a family-friendly and good-natured atmosphere. Also check out the Nouvelle Seine. This converted barge boasts a bar, a restaurant and even a theatre, in the café-concert, cabaret and music hall tradition. Some of today's best-known comedians made their debut there, including Guillaume Meurice, Blanche Gardin, Olivia Moore and Thomas VDB...


Discover new flavours in the 5th

The Latin Quarter is full of great places to eat. Let's start with the delightful Mulberry Street, where pizzas in the purest Italian tradition can be enjoyed while sipping a craft beer. Then we can try flavoursome Korean barbecues at the BigBang. The simple yet gourmet cuisine is enhanced by the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Treat yourself to a choice meal at the Baieta, the restaurant of Julia Sedefjian, who caused a sensation when she became the youngest starred chef in France. It offers a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine that is aesthetic but generous... Finally, take an expedition to the Selva! This restaurant offers amazing and inspiring Amazonian cuisine.


In the heart of Paris at the end of summer, you can take advantage of the mild days to taste, listen, laugh, and marvel at the wide selection of gourmet and cultural options...


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Hotel des Mines, a warm hotel in the heart of the 5th arrondissement.